What do you learn in English Grammar?

Verb tenses have to do with time and when the events spoken or written about occurred. There are twelve English tenses, if you do not include the Passive Voice. The twelve tenses are listed below, with a brief explanation of each, followed by some examples and then exercises.

“What happened and when?”

Simple Present

study English every day.

Simple Past

Last night, I studied English

Simple Future

will read English as much as I can this year.

Present Continuous

am studying English  at the moment.

Past Continuous

was studying English last night.

Future Continuous

will be studying English soon.

Present Perfect

have studied so much English I dream in English now.

Past Perfect

had studied English for at least five years before I went to America.

Future Perfect

will have studied for at least two years by the time I turn twenty.

Present Perfect Continuous

have been studying English since I was five years old.

Past Perfect Continuous

had been studying English for at least a year before I visited Canada.

Future Perfect Continuous

will have been studying English for at least two hours before my class begins.