Past Perfect Tense

The past perfect tense is for talking about something that occurred or took place before another point in the past. Imagine reaching into your bag for your wallet, and feeling around you discover that it is not there and that someone had stolen it. How would you tell your friends about it? You might say:

“I rummaged around in my bag and discovered someone had stolen my wallet.”

In this case, someone had stolen the wallet before he began feeling around for it. So, we have two points in time: One is the moment the wallet was stolen and the second is the moment the person discovers the wallet is missing from the bag.


Past Future Tense – Positive Sentences



Who Form of verb
I had + verb 3
He/She/It had + verb 3
You had + verb 3
We had + verb 3
They had + verb 3

Positive Sentences Examples:

  • I had visited London.

  • He had visited London.

  • She had visited London.

  • It had visited London.

  • You had visited London.

  • We had visited London.

  • They had visited London.

Past Future Tense – Negative Sentences



Who Form of verb
had + not + verb 3
hadn’t + verb 3
had + not + verb 3
hadn’t + verb 3
had + not + verb 3
hadn’t + verb 3
had + not + verb 3
hadn’t + verb 3
had + not + verb 3
hadn’t + verb 3

Negative Sentences Examples:

  • I had not visited London.
  • I hadn’t visited London.
  • He had not visited London.
  • He hadn’t visited London.
  • She had not visited London.
  • She hadn’t visited London.
  • It had not visited London.
  • It hadn’t visited London.
  • You had not visited London.
  • You hadn’t visited London.
  • We had not visited London.
  • We hadn’t visited London.
  • They had not visited London
  • They hadn’t visited London

Past Future Tense – Question Sentences



Who Form of verb
Had I verb 3
Had He/She/It
Had You
Had We
Had They

Question Sentences Examples:

  • Had I been to London?
  • Had he been to London?
  • Had she been to London?
  • Had it been to London?
  • Had you been to London?
  • Had we been to London?
  • Had they been to London?