English Marvel is an online English course designed to help you to improve all of your English language skills. Specially designed courses are here to help you gain simple communicative ability leading to fluency. Every major study in the field of language acquisition points to a singular fact: Reading is the single best way to improve all of your language skills. Reading regularly will help to improve your skills not only in reading, but also in writing, listening and speaking.

Perhaps you’re thinking that this notion is crazy, but think a minute. Remember back to the days when you were in school. Try to visualize the smartest student. He or she was not very popular, didn’t have so many friends, got A’s in every class, and carried an almost unmanageable pile of books with them:  They were READERS.

The amazing thing about online learning through reading is that academic studies show that in reading, content is not important. You can read anything from newspapers and magazines to graphic novels or even comic books. The only restriction is that the reading material must be level appropriate. In an ideal situation, there should be no more than three words on a page that you don’t understand. Further, when you are reading, and you encounter a word you do not understand, don’t stop. Continue reading and there’s a good chance the meaning of the word will become clear to you. Finally, understand that it is NOT necessary for you to understand every word on the page to understand the meaning of the passage. Once you get used to this idea, you will unlock your potential, and be witness to your own success. Now that’s marvelous.

Online English learning

Now we are developing an online English course that focuses on reading, and, while developing that language skill, it will also improve your writing, speaking and listening skills as well. You can’t help it. It just happens. It’s a normal phenomenon that occurs within that marvelous nerve center we call a brain. When you are reading level-appropriate material, after about ten or fifteen minutes, your brain will relax, and you will begin reading in English and understanding in English. There will be no more of this decoding the word and then translating to your mother tongue. Understanding will jump up off the page and you will understand what you have read, directly from the written word on the page to that part of your brain that understands language.

Online learning is the wave of the future

Online learning platforms have developed at an amazing pace, and now that people realize they can learn online in their own time, in their own way, with their pc, or laptop, or tablet or smart phone, they are coming forward to study because they recognize this as the great opportunity it is. No more hot classrooms. No more having to deal less than competent teachers. You are now in charge of not just your education, but your future as well. For you, tomorrow is here today. Let’s get started!