Terms & Conditions


Cancel means the Participant or Client withdraws, fails to appear, or does not participate in the program for which he/she has signed up and paid for.

Client means the invoiced person or business entity named on the Registration page.
Commencement Date means the date on which the program or course is due to commence
Contract means the Participant and the Client agree to the present terms and conditions and the Registration page.

Participant means the individual who has applied to participate in the program or course and English Marvel has agreed to admit into the program with a confirmation email.
Program fee means the fee payable by the Client to English Marvel for the Participant’s participation on the program or course

Program means the course or lessons agreed to be provided to participant

2. Delivery of the Program

2.1 English Marvel will use its best efforts to deliver the Program as described in the agreement and on English Marvel’s website at the time Participant enrolled. Notwithstanding the foregoing English Marvel expressly reserves the right to adapt the Program at any time and to alter the timetable, syllabus, number of classes, individual(s) teaching and method of delivery of the Program.
2.2 English Marvel may cancel the Program for any reason. If the Program is cancelled, English Marvel shall give the Client notice in writing not less than thirty (30) days before the Commencement Date. If English Marvel cancels the Program it shall refund the Program fee already paid to English Marvel.

3. Participant’s Obligations

3.1 The Participant must be punctual, attend all appropriate online activities for the duration of the entire Program as required by English Marvel, and contact the Program administrator if unable to attend any session.
3.2 Participants are expected to avoid any behavior or conduct that could be interpreted as an inappropriate behavior by another Participant, English Marvel employees, and/or any third parties. Serious violations of protocol may lead to expulsion from the Program.
3.3 The Participant must respect the confidentiality of all confidential information that the Participant acquires during the course of participating in the Program, and comply with all applicable laws of the territory where the Program is delivered.

4. Client’s Obligations

4.1 Client agrees that all Program fees shall be paid within 10 days of receipt of the registration invoice. No one will be permitted to attend the Program unless all fees have been received by English Marvel.
4.2 The Client may cancel or defer attending the Program by giving the Program administrator written notice of cancellation or deferral.
4.3 If the Client Cancels or defers attendance less than 60 days before the Commencement Date, the Client shall be required to pay English Marvel the percentage of the Program fee set out below or, if paid, English Marvel shall retain as cancellation penalties the sums set forth below:

  • Cancellation 60 to 45 days before Commencement Date: 25% of the cost of Program fee.
  • Cancellation 44 to 30 days before Commencement Date: 50% of the cost of Program fee.
  • Cancellation 29 days or less before Commencement Date: 100% of the cost of Program fee.

4.4 If Client proposes another Participant to the session of a Program, the new candidate will be subject to the standard admission process. If the replacement of the Participant is accepted by English Marvel, no cancellation fee will apply. Participant shall not be entitled to transfer to another session of the Program or another module of the Program after Commencement Date.
4.5 If the Participant cannot attend a class session they have scheduled or have otherwise agreed to attend, they will give six hours notice before the scheduled beginning of that class. Should said notice not be delivered via email to English Marvel, Participant will forfeit amounts paid for the class from which they are absent.

5. Personal Information

5.1 Personal Data: Client and Participant acknowledge and agree that personal data about the Client and the Participant (“Personal Data”) will be collected by English Marvel. The personal information collected shall be kept confidential and secured in accordance with all applicable privacy regulations. Client and Participant are granted statutory rights of access, modification, update and deletion of personal information of Client and Participant (photographs and/or videos of Participant) and may exercise these rights by writing or sending an email to English Marvel at the address indicated below. Client and Participant consent to the transfer of personal information to English Marvel. If Client and or Participant object to this transfer, Client and or Participant must contact English Marvel at the following address: englishmarvelcourse@gmail.com
5.2 Participant and Client agree that photographs and/or videos can be taken during the course of the Program of Participant and that such photographs and/or videos can be reproduced and displayed, exhibited and used by English Marvel for marketing and all other purposes in any and all media, in perpetuity.